Body Worn Cameras Leading To Faster Convictions

Two Police Officers In Uniform and Hi-Vis vests move through a crowd of people.

According to Inspector Luke Hughes, the implementation of body-worn cameras and CCTV footage in Wrexham has significantly expedited the conviction process. His statement comes in response to two police officers who were assaulted over the weekend. Inspector Hughes shared this information in his most recent daily crime update on June 12.

The incident involved the officers being assaulted by an intoxicated individual on Pen y Bryn late on Saturday night, June 10. Fortunately, neither officer sustained injuries during the altercation. Inspector Hughes highlighted that the utilization of body-worn cameras and extensive CCTV coverage empowers the Wrexham police to swiftly pursue charges and secure convictions following such incidents.

Expressing gratitude towards the door staff who provided assistance, Inspector Hughes acknowledged that assaults on officers continue to be a recurring issue. However, with the integration of body-worn video technology and comprehensive CCTV systems within the city, the rate of prompt charging and convictions has significantly increased. Consequently, those responsible for such acts are being held accountable as they rightly should.

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