The power button requires a ‘Long Press’ when turning the unit on. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the start up tone and screen comes on.

Once you plug your Eclipse in to your PC and it enters ‘USB Connecting’ mode. Press the ‘FN’ button six times to unlock your camera file explorer. You will also find the Program Manager and various files for updating your camera stored directly on your camera.

All our cameras have a ‘loop recording’ feature, meaning once the memory is full, the camera will loop back to the oldest footage and start recording over it again. A 32GB memory should be more than enough for 3-4 hours of recording at 1080p resolution before the loop starts again and the oldest footage starts getting recorded over.

The battery life of your camera will vary depending on your settings and usage. Using power-rich features such as GPS, Infra-Red Night Vision, Enhanced Image Stabilisation and Video Playback during your shift will significantly reduce the battery life, as well as recording on the highest video resolutions. You would expect between 3-5 hours with these settings turned on. Dumbing down the settings and avoiding reviewing footage on your camera screen can increase the battery life up to anything between 7-10 hours.

These cameras are designed for professional use. Access to files are locked with a passcode. By default, the passcodes are set to ‘000000‘ from new. This should be changed to something more secure as soon as possible.